New to the library

New to the library

Our award-winning library at GCU, the Sir Alex Ferguson Library, gives access to more than 270,000 books, 350 open-access PCs and a huge range of online resources including databases, ebooks, journals and more.

We're open 7 days a week, with support available from staff at The Library Desk. You can also contact your librarian who can help you make the best use of our resources. Library tours are available to help you get started.

Your student card is your library card and you are automatically a member of the library when you register. Please note it can take 24-48 hours before your details are transferred to the library system. Only after this time will you be able to borrow from the library. 

The library offers a variety of study spaces so that you can choose a place that best suits your needs, be it social and group study on the lower levels or individual and silent study on the upper levels.

We have an Archives and Special Collections space where you can consult items from our rich collections. Subject strengths are the Scottish Labour and Trades Union Movement, Scottish social work, social policy and child welfare, and Scottish social enterprise.

Our welcome video will answer your main questions and help you get started.

Library welcome video

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Your student card is your library card and your library membership is automatically created when you have registered with the university.  Please note it can take 24-48 hours for your registration details to be transferred to the library system. You can then borrow material and manage your library account.

Our self issue machines are on all floors of the library and let you issue and return books, renew items and manage your holds.

Look out for induction events organised by your school introducing the library. If you miss this, you might want to check out our welcome video at the foot of this page.

Staff (including researchers)

Your staff card is your library card. Please speak to staff at the library desk before you try to borrow material and they will check that your library account is active. The academic librarians are your main point of contact with the university library. They can support your teaching and research by offering classes and workshops or one-to-one support for in-depth research. They will also keep you up-to-date with developments in scholarly publishing, new databases and other discovery tools. 

Our services for staff page provides links to other key services including, our Archives and Special Collections detailed advice on copyright, digital services, scanning and reading lists.