Library FAQs

Library FAQs
General FAQs are answered by colleagues in other departments, so the questions link out to the appropriate web pages.


Can I donate books?

We regret we cannot accept donations.

How many books can I borrow?  Back to top

  • Students, staff and researchers: a total of 20 items

How do I place or cancel a request?  Back to top

If all the copies of the book you want are on loan, you can request it. Go to Discover, sign in by clicking the grey box which says Guest, English on the toolbar at the top right of the screen. Click Sign in. Click Library Search, enter your search then click Available in the library on the grey menu at the right hand side of the screen. 

Click the item title, then at Request Options click Request.

In the pop up box at Pick Up Location select Glasgow Campus (if at GCU London, select London Campus). Please note GCU London students can only place requests for GCU Glasgow books at the GCU London Library Desk. Click Request, you will see a confirmation that the request has been placed and your position in queue.

When the book is available an email will be sent to your University email account. The item can be collected from the Collection Point at the Library Desk.

To cancel a request go to Discover, sign in and choose My Library Account.

You can now see an overview of your account, click Requests and cancel the item you longer require.

Where is the car park ticket machine?  Back to top

One is in the security office in the William Harley Building and the other is at reception in the Govan Mbeki Building.