Finding items

You can find books and all other kinds of Library material by using Discover. You can search by author, keyword (subject), book or journal title.

When the book you want shows in your search results, click Available at. This should take you to the item location screen. Note the level and shelf number.

For help finding items we have a Discover guide and a video guide on using the Smart tables.

Using the Smart tables to find a book

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View the Using the Smart Tables to Find a Book introductory video with closed captions

Our books are arranged by subject.

  • Users can borrow books for two weeks which will automatically renew provided they have not been requested by another user.
  • Reference books are for use in the library only. They have a red reference label on their spine.
  • You can request Closed-access items from the Discover search record. You can collect them from the Library Desk the next day (excluding bank holidays).
Which numbers are on which floors?

The number sequence starts on level 4 and works down. See the table below for details:

Collection Level Study type

001-349 books and journals

level 4

silent study

350-616 books and journals

level 3

silent study

617-999 books and journals

level 2


research collections and archives*

level 0


audio-visual material

level 0


* Find out more at the Archives web site.