Borrowing policies

Borrowing policies

More information is available on our finding items webpage and our library regulations webpage.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our borrowing policies:

How long can I borrow items for?

Items can be borrowed for 14 days at a time, unless they have been requested by another user. For students and staff, items are subject to automatic renewal, provided they have not been requested by another user. The maximum renewal period is 14 weeks after which items must be returned to the library.

If there is more than one request for an item (i.e. at least one other user has requested the title and no copy is yet available to them) you will only be able to borrow it for 7 days.

All items are issued subject to recall and you may be asked to return an item sooner than the original due date if it has been requested by another user.

What happens if my item is recalled?

If another user requests an item you have on loan, you will receive an email titled ‘Important: Library Recall Notice’ and will need to return the book to us within 7 days. You will then be able to request the book again on Discover. 

I still need my book for my course. Can I hold onto it?

We are only able to provide a limited stock of physical items and we rely on the courtesy of users to return these for other students who need them. 

You can:

  • Check if there is a digital copy on Discover.
  • Place another request on the item once you have returned it.
Will I be charged if my book is overdue?

We no longer charge fines for overdue items but will charge you for items which have been lost. When an item is 14 days overdue, we'll assume that it has been lost and a replacement bill will be sent to you. Your library account will also be blocked. The standard replacement charge will be £40 (we reserve the right to charge more if the replacement cost is more than this).