Your student or staff ID card is also your library card. You can't borrow books without it. You can usually borrow items within 24 to 48 hours after you matriculate (collect your card). There are self-service machines on every level of the Saltire Centre. Use these to borrow and return books, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Please remember - it's your responsibility to make sure you return or renew items on time.

More information is available on finding items and our library regulations. If you are not a student or a member of staff, you can still join the library and use our services. All the information you need is on our membership page.

For more information, look at our FAQs page or ask at The Library Desk on level 0.

To view your library account and renew items online please visit Discover and log in using your domain username and password. Click the 'My Library Card' option to access your account. More information is available on the Manage my library account page.

We have installed a book return system near the main entrance which allows you to return books at any time.

How to use the book return:

  • To start, place the first item for return on the black shelf below the hatch
  • When the hatch opens, place the item on the conveyor belt, the hatch will then close
  • When the hatch opens again place the next item for return onto the conveyor belt, the hatch will then close. You can only return one item at a time
  • Repeat as necessary. To finish, when the hatch opens again press the silver button. This will close the hatch and print your receipt
  • If a red light is showing, the book return is closed
  • Please don’t force the hatch, wait for it to open!

If you have any questions please contact the Library Desk:

  • Visit us on level 0 of the Saltire Centre
  • Phone us on 0141 273 1000
  • Email
  • Watch our guide to using the self-service machines

Using the self-service machines

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