You said, we did

At GCU we are always listening to your feedback; it’s a really useful way of ensuring that we are meeting your needs. Below are some examples of how our teams have taken your comments on board to develop their services.

Team You said... We did...

Campus Life Desk

Introduce a phone line for students to contact the team remotely.

Phone line introduced and fully implemented.


You moved all the computers from the ground floor. It makes it much harder for those of us who quickly want to print something before class.

We understand the importance of those last minute print jobs! To save you the jaunt up to Level 2, we are pleased to say we have re-instated PCs back onto Level 0.


Whenever I am in Uni there is always a shortage of seats available; especially exam/end of term; there needs to be more available.

We have added a further 50 chairs across the floors. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to find a seat during popular times!


The compact shelving keeps breaking! Is there any way this can be fixed please?

We can go one better – we’ve gotten rid of it altogether! We understood that the compact shelving wasn’t the easiest thing to operate and could often be unreliable. We have now consolidated all of our books onto open shelving across the floors so it’s easier for you to access what you need.


Staff advised that students were unable to access software for their courses which normally they would access on campus through the labs that are setup around the university.

Information Services created a service where the labs on campus could be accessed remotely. Students log into a website which then provides a list of the available systems on campus. Students simply connect to the machine of their choosing and then have access, either by software installed on the machines, or through AppsAnywhere, to the programmes then need.

Student Funding

Introduce online applications.

Online application process introduced.


I’ve thought before that it would be good if there was a designated place on each floor that you could find a librarian so you can go and tell them that people are talking and then the librarian can deal with it, because as far as I know there’s nowhere I can easily go to find a librarian to help with this.

Our library staff try their best to keep noise to a minimum on the silent floors, but we understand sometimes people wait till they’re away! We now have dedicated Information Points on levels 2, 3 and 4; our Library Assistants will check here for anyone needing assistance.


You told us that making an appointment as a graduate was too complicated.

We purchased a new system where you can do this online in minutes.


We are happy to see the celebration of Sir Alex Ferguson and his archive, but bring back some of the seating – it was a great study spot on Level 0.

We’re really grateful to all of the students who gave us feedback regarding the new Archives space on Level 0. As such we have ordered new desks to go into this area to increase the number of study spaces. We are also going to increase the number of desk spaces on Levels 2 and 3 as per your feedback.


Please, more computers! For those who can’t afford a laptop, peak times of computer unavailability puts them at a big disadvantage. What about putting some in 4?

We would never discriminate against someone being unable to afford a laptop – which is why we have our fabulous LapSafe machine located by the café on Level 0. You can use this to borrow a laptop for three hours at a time to use anywhere on campus.

We are regularly praised on our flexible study spaces catering for all study tastes and as such we want to keep Level 4 free of computers to reduce noise and increase desk study space. We hope you understand!


Provide additional opportunities to meet classmates.

PALS scheme introduced.


At peak times, space in the Library is in high demand.  The Library should securely remove property that has been left for long periods to free up space / PC for other Library users.

We understand that space is limited in the Library so our Library Assistants will conduct regular patrols of the floors and if any property has been left for 45 minutes it will be taken to Campus Security and we’ll leave a note for the student.


I’m not a student at GCU but I would really like to borrow books for personal study. Is there any way to do this?

We’re so pleased to hear you have an interest in using our Library! To support you we have created a free Community Membership that will allow you to borrow up to 3 books and a 3-hour loan laptop to use in the building.


People are always talking on Level 3. I thought it was a silent floor? 

Level 3 was designated as ‘quiet’ study which we appreciate sends mixed messages! We have now made it silent study only.


Students advised us in large numbers that they were having issues accessing the SPSS software across a variety of different systems. Normally this would be completed in class but with the pandemic this was not possible.

Guides were created to show step by step instructions on how to install the software across various operating systems. Students were also given guides on how to access the software even if their devices could not run the software on their own systems.