Social Sciences

Social sciences

If you study social sciences, history, politics, criminology or sociology this guide is for you.

Finding books

To find books and ebooks use Discover. Watch a short video to help improve your search.

Where are my books in the Library?

You can find most sociology and politics books on level 4. History books are on level 2. For help ask a member of staff on the floor or watch Find a book in the Library.

Many of our books are online, watch Find and use ebooks to learn more.

Finding journals

Use Discover to search for journal articles on a topic or to search for a journal by title. Watch a short video Find a Journal by Title.

Key journals

Your lecturer may recommend journals. Key titles include:

Finding and using databases

Databases enable you to do a more strategic search than you can on Discover. They help you find information quickly and efficiently by allowing you to search using a combination of search terms, to filter and narrow your results (by date or subject area for example) and save your searches for later.

Key databases:

ProQuest Central is a database of databases. As well as journal articles you will also find newspaper articles, dissertations and reports. It covers most subject areas and you can search across all the databases or search just the social sciences or history databases. One of the social science databases on ProQuest Central is the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences. This is a unique resource which indexes over two million journal articles, book reviews and book chapters from 1951 to present providing international coverage of social science and related disciplines. Over 7000 books and 3000 journals are indexed annually.

We provide more information on primary sources.


Websites can offer a range of information, for example policy documents and statistics, which may be difficult to find elsewhere.

There are lots of useful websites freely available, including those run by library and museum archives for example the digital collections of the Library of Congress; research centres such as the Institute of Historical Research or the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and government websites such as UK Parliament.

With such a wide variety available you need to ensure that the sites you are using are trustworthy. We provide guidance on evaluating websites.

Archives and special collections

Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre holds a number of collections which might be of interest to social science students.

These include

 View the full list or browse other collections form the Archive Centre webpages

Contact GCU Archives and Special Collections directly to find out more