Business and company information

Business and company information

This quick guide will help you find key resources for your subject area including journal articles and subject specific databases. You may wish also wish to explore these related subject guides:

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UK company structure

UK companies range from the small privately owned 'sole traders' (such as a local business) to large privately owned (like Boots) or publicly owned (responsible to shareholders) companies (like Tesco). Most UK companies are 'sole traders' or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) employing under 250 people.

Tip: Most annual company reports for larger UK public companies can usually be found freely available online - usually on the company website. The larger the company the more information available.

Finding journal articles

Discover is our single search system which searches our books, ebooks, most journal content and selected other resources. We provide a Discover search guide. For more comprehensive searches you will need to search a database. 

Company strategy

Companies rarely make public detailed business strategy as this is potentially commercially sensitive information, so apart from what companies release for public consumption such as press releases and product information, most ideas about company strategy (especially long term) has to come from a range of sources. 

Key databases for company strategy

Other sources include:

  • Trade and academic journals (located on business databases).
  • Financial newspapers (such as the Financial Times) or the business sections of newspapers.
  • Internal company documents (unlikely to be available).
  • Market research or industry trends data.
  • Information and statistics released by Government departments (such as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills).
  • Expert opinion (in journals, newspapers, blogs, mailing lists, and so on).