Compiling your reference list

Compiling your reference list

Reference list or bibliography?

The reference list allows a reader to find and read the sources used in your research. There is an example on page 20 of the GCU Harvard referencing guide. List all your citations in alphabetical order by author surname. If an author has more than one work, then list them by the oldest first. A reference list is the most commonly used.

A reference list is a list of all the items directly cited in your work.

A bibliography is everything you have cited, plus anything which could be considered to have influenced your work, for example, an article read during your research but not directly cited.

Abbreviations and acronyms

You must use the long form of an organisation's name or common abbreviation the first time you use it, after this you can use the abbreviation or acronym, including in the citation:

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) first introduced the Information Technology Agreement in  1996 (WTO, 1997).