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Websites, blogs and tweets


AUTHOR SURNAME, First Name or Initials. or ORGANISATION NAME., Year of page creation or last updated. Title of page [online]. Organisation. [viewed date]. Available from: web address.

Example: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, 2015. Haemorrhagic fevers, Viral [online]. World Health Organization. [viewed 18 February 2015]. Available from:

Examples of in text citation:

Associated viruses, as identified by the World Health Organisation (2015), include the Ebola and Marburg viruses.

The Ebola and Marburg viruses can cause haemorrhagic fevers (World Health Organisation, 2015).


AUTHOR SURNAME, First Name or Initials., Year. Title of blog entry [online]. Title of blog. Day month published. [viewed date]. Available from: http://www...

Example: GODIN, S., 2014. Does "stationary" matter? [online]. Seth’s Blog. 04 September. [viewed 09 September 2014]. Available from:

Example of in text citation:

Poor use of grammar in point of sale signage may lead to loss of revenue (Godin, 2014).


@TWITTER USERNAME, Year. Full text of tweet [Twitter]. Day and month tweet posted. [viewed date]. Available from: http://www...

Example: @Guardian, 2014. Helping students with Asperger's prepare for university life @SocietyGuardian [Twitter]. 09 September. [viewed 13 September 2014]. Available from:

Example of in text citation:

As the number of autistic students grows universities are trying to help them with social and life skills (@Guardian, 2014).