Newspapers and broadcast news

Newspapers and broadcast news

The library has access to a large collection of newspapers and broadcast news sources worldwide. On the tabs below you will find links for key news resources, including our Box of Broadcasts service which allows you to set recordings for radio and television programmes.

If you need any help finding or using news sources, please contact your librarian for support.

Current newspapers

The library provides access to the full text of over 1300 newspapers from across the globe through ProQuest News and Newspapers. The database includes the full index of current and archived newspapers and is updated daily. Newspapers include both broadsheet and tabloid titles.

LexisLibrary provides access to local and regional newspapers in the UK from 1982 to current. Content is added within 4 days of publication. Newspapers are listed alphabetically under the sources tab and the full list of titles is provided under News on the Search tab.

Lots of daily newspapers provide free access to at least today's news. Most charge for access to older archived material. List of Newspapers is a free site which lists newspapers worldwide by continent, country and region.

Newspaper archives

In addition, we have excellent archival access to digitised older material, dating back to the 17th century. These are often fully digitised copies of the newspapers including original layout, images and advertisements. 

Broadcast news - current

Televised news services offer some current content online free. Examples in the UK are the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN.

Box of Broadcasts is a subscription service which allows our users to access a full range of television and radio programmes including news and documentaries. Individuals can record programmes or search the archive to view recorded programmes. Content dates from 2007 onwards but it is being expanded continuously. Find out more about using Box of Broadcasts to record TV programmes.