Dissertation and honours projects

Dissertation and Honours Project guide

If you are starting your dissertation or honours project this guide is for you. It aims to provide answers to common Library related questions and will help you to plan, find and use key resources. Subject related help is available from your relevant Library subject guide.

How do I develop a search strategy?

If you need help planning your search strategy watch our short video Planning a structured literature search: video 1.

Subject databases allow you to carry out a strategic search for journal articles. You can search using a combination of search terms, filter and narrow results (by date or subject area for example) and save your searches. There is some overlap between the databases but every database also has unique content. Help guides are available within the Discover record for individual databases.

A full list of all the databases we subscribe to is available from the Database A-Z.

How do I find and connect to full text articles?

Not all databases will host the full text of the article you need. For help watch our short video Finding and Accessing Full Text.
If you need a journal article or a book not available in our Library stock we can try to obtain this for you using our Inter-library loan service.

How can I manage my results?

Databases provide the option to create a personal account: requiring you to either sign in, create or register an account. These details may differ from your domain username and password and will be unique to you. Personal accounts provide access to more functionality: ability to create alerts, save searches and save individual or batches of results. Results can also be exported from a database to reference management software such as RefWorks.
If you need help to use RefWorks find more information on our RefWorks pages.

How do I provide a PRISMA flowchart to demonstrate my search strategy?

You may be required to provide evidence of your search strategy and there are various methods to do this. One method commonly used within the field of Health is the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) flowchart. Follow our step by step help guide or find more help in our blog post ‘What is PRISMA?’

Where can I find examples of previous dissertations or honours projects?

The Library holds a small selection of digitised dissertation which are available to view online (you may need to log in to GCULearn).
Previous examples may also be available by contacting your department directly.

For help around format, structure and layout we recommend contacting the Learning Development Centre within your School.

How do I find other resources?

If you need to find other resources such as images, reports, statistics, grey literature and legal resources use relevant links below. Subject specific help is available from your relevant Library subject guide.

How do I find books?

To find books and ebooks use Discover. Watch a short video to help improve your search.                

Where are my books in the Library?

Books on undertaking and writing a dissertation are on Level 2. You can find books on undertaking a literature review on level 4. For recommended reading view our Dissertation and Honours Project resource list.

Recommended titles