Proof reading and revision

Proof reading and revision

After you have completed your assignment you should check your work and revise it as necessary. Always set more time aside for this than you think you are going to need. It is an important stage and should not be rushed. You will need to read through the assignment to double check that you have:

  • answered the question
  • clearly expressed your ideas
  • made no mistakes.

If you do need to make changes, be methodical and ensure that you do all of them. Again re-read your assignment and check that the changes you have made have not affected the tone and style of your work.

Top tip: When you get your assignment back from your lecturer, look carefully at the feedback they have given you, not just the mark. The feedback will help you improve not only your knowledge of the subject, but also how to enhance your written communication skills. Has your lecturer indicated what you did well and what you could do differently? If yes, then reflect on these and try to incorporate them into your next assignment so that you do even better next time.

This is the end of our section on writing your assignment.

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