Writing your assignment

Writing your assignment

Know the rules

Before you begin to write your assignment, make sure you understand:

  • who your audience is (your lecturer, your peers?)
  • house rules in relation to style
  • the length
  • the marking criteria
  • all of these should be in your module handbook which is available on GCULearn

Once you have a clear understanding of both the topic and the requirements for writing the assignment, you can begin to put pen to paper.
Make sure you have set enough time aside to write the first draft without too many interruptions. It is important that the thoughts and ideas flow freely through the length of your work. If you can't set aside time to write the whole document, try to set time aside to write complete sections.
Once your have written your assignment, set it aside for a couple of days. Then go back to it and proofread it. There will be more about this later.

The next page features videos from Dr Jane McKay of the School of Health and Life Sciences Learning Development Centre which will help you get started.

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