The main body

Here is a helpful video from Dr Jane McKay, HLS LDC.

Essay Writing

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The main body builds on your argument and should contain evidence and examples that support your ideas.

  • Write a paragraph for each main point. Essays written in English are divided into paragraphs. The University of Leicester has a good explanation of paragraphs and their structure. One of the most important characteristics of paragraphs is that they tend to centre on one topic. This is usually introduced in the first sentence, also called the topic sentence. The University of Ottawa has examples of topic sentences on their website
  • After introducing the main topic in the topic sentence, paragraphs can be expanded in a variety of different ways. You could:
    • give a more detailed definition
    • give a fuller explanation of specific aspects of the topic
    • provide an example
    • make a critical comment
    • refer to evidence to support an opinion
    • refer to evidence to criticise this opinion
    • finally link to the next paragraph
  • Develop arguments coherently and logically and relate one idea to another - don't simply produce a string of unconnected points
  • Make sure your essay is balanced - don't spend too long on one idea or too little on another
  • Watch our video on paragraphs

Writing Good Paragraphs

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