Planning your work

Planning your work

Why plan?

Throughout your life you will need to write e-mails, letters, web pages, blogs, essays and reports. Your written communication method and degree of formality will depend on who you are writing to, and why. Your Learning Development Centre can give you additional information with examples.

Essays and reports
  • What are essays?
    Essays are "a short literary composition on a single subject”
    (Collins New English Dictionary (1997). London : HarperCollins, p. 253)
  • What are reports?
    Reports "give an account of the results of an investigation”.
    (Collins New English Dictionary (1997). London : HarperCollins, p. 655)

There are five stages in preparing written assignments:

Essays and reports are formal methods of communication and require attention to detail and a good writing style. The guidance given in this section is general and not subject specific. You should always check the guidelines in your module handbook for detailed specifications for your subject. You'll find them on GCULearn.

  1. interpreting the task (for a refresher see Understanding the question)
  2. finding information (for a refresher see Searching)
  3. planning and structuring your work
  4. writing
  5. proof reading and revision

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