The academic audience

The academic audience

Here are some characteristics of the academic audience:

  • Experts in their field, able to comprehend in depth
  • Published and experienced authors who know the rules 
  • Publishing in competition with other researchers
  • As academic writers, they show their knowledge of the literature by referencing the work of others
  • Use evidence (usually drawn from the literature) and form objective arguments, with both sides considered
  • Methodology matters to them: you can be awarded marks for using the right research process even if they don't agree with your conclusion
What will your reader expect?

There are basic rules that all academics tend to apply when they are assessing the quality of written work. Things they look for are likely to include: 

  • Structure
  • Style
  • Arguments
  • Awareness of the literature on the topic
  • References and citations
  • Captioning

These are the basic issues to think about when writing at university. The unit on writing and numeracy will help you develop your writing skills and understand how to present your written work.

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