Knowing your audience

What does knowing your audience mean?

Knowing your audience is simply knowing who will read your written work etc.
Johnson, Roy. (1995) Improve your writing skills. Manchester Murray and Co

Who is my audience when I am at university?

At university, you know that the person who will assess your work will be an academic who writes research papers. Sometimes your peers will also be given the opportunity to review your work.

The person who reads your work at university is someone who regards academic writing and library research as an essential skill that every university student must develop.

Writing styles

We all use different writing styles instinctively depending on who we are writing to. For example, you use 'text speak' when texting your friends but would use more formal language if applying for a job. You adjust your writing style to accommodate the needs of your audience.

There are rules that you can learn in order to meet the needs of your university audience. These are the same rules that your audience (usually your lecturer) use when they write their own research papers. The rules are not complicated and this unit explains them to you.

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