Types of resources

Types of resources

Different types of research need different levels of information, often using different types of resources. Here are some examples.

Review a play:

Objectively analyse the relative success or failure of the given production. 

  • A limited review of information.
  • Reading the play before you go to the production to develop a sense of what the characters might look like, suitable set design and appropriate costuming.
  • Interviewing a sample group to obtain their opinions.
Write an essay or give a short presentation:

Discuss a specific issue.

  • A significant review of information.
  • Using basic theory found in books.
  • Supporting your argument with examples found in books and journal articles.
Produce a laboratory report:

Document your findings and show your understanding of the principles the experiment was designed to examine.

  • A minor review of information.
  • Using your laboratory manual.
  • Obtaining source data from reference material or theory from books.
Write a dissertation or thesis:

Answer a problem or hypothetical question.

  • A major review of information.
  • Supporting your argument with examples found in books, journal articles, reports and conference proceedings.

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