What information is needed

What information is needed?

You need to find out:

  • the amount of information required to solve the problem
  • the type of information required to solve the problem
  • whether you already have the information in the form of lecture notes or guided reading from your lecturer.

Assignments can vary from a short five minute oral presentation, a short essay or technical report, to a dissertation or thesis. The type of assignment you are asked to produce has a direct effect on:

  • the amount of information you need
  • the types of sources you require and publications you need.

The question of how much information is needed is a matter of judgement. To make sure you meet the requirements and give an appropriate depth of coverage, check the marking and assessment criteria set by your lecturer (these can be on GCULearn or in your module handbook). The length, weight, marks and task should guide the amount of information needed. Some assignment specifications are more detailed than others. For clarification, check with the person who will be marking your assignment - usually your tutor, or check your module handbook which should be on GCULearn.

If you need a recap on how to understand your assignment and identify keywords and themes, our understanding the question section can help.

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