Defining a practice-based question

Defining a practice-based question

Step 1

The first step in the CASP framework is to review practice and identify a topic where there is a uncertainty about the evidence base for this practice. Normally in practice the topic would be obvious but for project work, the group needs to find an area of practice that you are all interested in and one in which obtaining some research evidence could enhance your practice. This is the first task of your group.

Examples of topic areas:
  • The patient experience of having a particular condition
  • The experience of family or informal carers in relation to patients with a particular condition
  • Patient or carer experience of a service or aspect of care (such as outpatients, accident and emergency, receiving a diagnosis)
  • Effectiveness of a nursing intervention
  • Studies which compare treatments or interventions
  • Studies which follow a cohort of patients over time to measure effectiveness of a treatment or intervention
  • Studies which ask the patients for their views on an intervention

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