Bibliographic software

Bibliographic software

It is important that you are organised and keep track of the information you use for your assignment, otherwise preparing your reference list or bibliography will be far more difficult. One way of managing your information is to use bibliographic software.

Bibliographic software allows you to manage all the references you need for your papers, report or thesis by enabling you to keep them in your own personal database or library. It allows you to:

  • search easily for a particular reference to which you need to refer
  • print or save a list of references
  • insert citations into your document and automatically produce a bibliography in whatever style you require

RefWorks is an example of a bibliographic package. The benefits of using RefWorks are:

  • you can import references from databases or text files
  • you can build up your own database of relevant references
  • you can add correctly formatted citations to word documents
  • you can build a reference list

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