Managing information

Managing information

When you have completed a search you will have a list of items in various formats. Now you have that list you have to consider how you find the items on it. You can print out full text, save it or email it to yourself and print at a later date.

  • To find the items on your list, the first place you should check is Discover.
  • If you are searching for a journal article, you can search by article title in Discover, remember to enclose the title in "inverted commas".
  • If you are searching using BrowZine, enter the journal title not the journal article title. If the library holds the journal, you need to then check if they have the right volume or issue number.

If the item is not on Discover:

  • If it is a government document such as a white paper or an annual report - check the internet. It may be freely available
  • If it is a book or a journal article check the British Library (BL) catalogue. If the item is available you could order an Inter-library loan.

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