The dissertation

Getting started

The dissertation should be an in-depth piece of work which will show that you have mastered your subject. The format for a dissertation can vary by school, so always check your module guide! (It is on GCULearn).

How to structure a dissertation

These are just general notes on format, remember you should always check your department's guidelines!

  • Title. The title should accurately reflect the nature of the topic and be brief and to the point. A subtitle may further clarify the study.
  • Acknowledgements. These should also be brief. It is customary to acknowledge supervisors, internal and external support.
  • Contents. Should be clear. Maximum of two pages. The purpose is to guide the reader round the dissertation.
  • Abstract. The abstract gives a brief overview of the dissertation. The maximum word count should be 500 words. It should give a clear and coherent summary of aims, how the research was undertaken and main findings and or recommendations.

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