Promoting creative thinking

Promoting creative thinking

If the best way to get quality ideas is by creating them from a vast pool of ideas, then our job is to have as many ideas as possible. Here are six tips that can help you develop an “idea abundance” mindset:

1. Expect to have ideas

The first step is to get rid of common beliefs such as “I’m not a creative person”. Drop any preconceived notions that ideas are reserved just for a privileged few. That’s often enough to have ideas start coming to you.

2. Welcome dumb ideas, or any ideas for that matter

Your focus should never be on having great ideas. Always strive for quantity. Most people don’t ever try having ideas because they’re socially afraid to have their ideas labelled as stupid. Get over it! : your ideas that are regarded as stupid today may be the foundation for something groundbreaking tomorrow. And when you eventually have such an idea, nobody will remember your less successful ones. On the matter of being afraid to show your ideas, keep in mind that teasing is a disguised form of shaming, of others trying to throw you off balance.

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