Foot/End Note list layout: suggested format for Numerical referencing

Recordings from the TV 

If recorded onto DVD, replace [Video:VHS] with [DVD]

Example 1
World in Action. All work and no play, [Video:VHS] London, ITV, 21st January 2002.

Commercial recordings on various media

Example 2
Fragile Earth, 5. South American Wetland:Pantanal, [Video:VHS] Henley: Watchword Video, 1998.

Example 3 
Management in action, Managing disparate teams. [DVD] Barnsley: OPP publishing, 2004.

Example 4 
British Diabetic Association. Guidelines on Nutrition, [Audio Cassette] London: BDA, 2005. 


Author: if no author is available use ' Anon '
Title of information used 
CD-ROM title
: in italics
Year of publication

Example 5
Jones, S. Heart Attack, Encyclopaedia Britannica, [CD-ROM] Mass: Britannica, 2001. 


Title of film: in italics 
Directed by
: director 
Place of production

Production company 

Example 1
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, [Film] Directed by: Chris Columbus. USA: Warner Brothers, 2002.

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