Conference proceedings

AUTHOR(S) SURNAME, First Name or Initials., Year of Publication. Title of paper [online]. Title of conference proceedings. Location of conference, Date of conference. [viewed on date]. Available from: web address. 

Example: AKMAL, H. & COULTON, P., 2019. The internet of things game: illuminating data interactions within the internet of things [online]. Living in the Internet of Things (IoT 2019)London, 1-2 May 2019. [viewed on 26 May 2020]. Available from:

Examples of in text citations:

Game design can be used to develop a better understanding of data interactions which occur within the Internet of Things (IoT) amongst a non-technical audience. (Akmal and Coulton, 2019)

Akmal and Coulton (2019) link the design of games to understanding the complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT).