APA referencing: Web documents

To cite a document from a web page (that is not an electronic journal) you should record the following information in the reference: Author or Editor (if available). (Year, if available).Title. Retrieved month day, year, from organisation Web site: (if applicable) URL

Wozniak, R. H. (1997). Behaviourism: The early years. Retrieved May 31, 2005, from Bryn Mawr College Psychology Department Web site:http://www.brynmawr.edu/Acads/Psych/rwozniak/behaviorism.html


Citing web pages can be problematic:

  • If no personal author is visible, you can include the organisation responsible for the web page instead. If neither are obvious, begin your reference with the title of the document, then insert the date. Continue your reference as above.
  • If no date is visible write (n.d.) which stands for 'no date' instead.

If you quote from a web page with no page numbers, remember you can use the paragraph numbers or sub-headings in your citation.

Above all, a good web site should have sufficient ownership information to enable you to cite. Detective work may be required, but in cases where no ownership can be found, you should question whether the source is of sufficient quality to cite in support of your research.

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