APA referencing: Chapter in an edited book

Sometimes books contain collections of chapters which are written by different authors and collated by an editor or editors. To reference a chapter in an edited book you need to record the following details:

Chapter Author. (Year). Title of chapter. In Book Editor (Ed.), Book title (chapter page numbers). Place: Publisher.

Cooke, D. J., & Philip, L. (2001). To treat or not to treat? An empirical perspective. In C.R. Hollin (Ed.), Handbook of offender assessment and treatment (pp. 3-15). Chichester: Wiley.

  • Include the author and the title of both the chapter and the book.
  • The editor's or editors' name(s) should be written with the initials first, followed by the last name. After their name, write (Ed.), or (Eds.).
  • Write the word In: before the editor's name to indicate that the reference is a chapter in this book.
  • Write the page numbers of the chapter in brackets after the book title. 

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