APA referencing: List of references

At the end of your work, under the heading References, list in full all of the sources that you have cited. Your references list should be

  • accurate and include all the required information to enable a reader to locate the source
  • written in alphabetical order by the first author's last name, and
  • double spaced.
Here's how:
And finally....
  • Keep track of everything you consult while you research your piece of work
  • Note down all the details you will need to reference each source in full before you start taking notes
  • Write down the page numbers of any quotes you note
  • If you are unsure about the date or place of publication, check Discover
  • Make sure you follow the APA style carefully and accurately. Use the model examples in this tutorial to help you.
  • You can find more information on the APA style web site
  • APA style is available on RefWorks, contact your librarian for more information

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