APA referencing: Citing quotes

As shown in the examples on the previous page, when citing quotes you must include the page number containing the quote as well as the author's last name and the date of publication. This is to help the reader find the quote:

"Self-esteem is closely associated with social identity" (Hogg & Vaughan, 2002, p. 477).


According to Hogg and Vaughan (2002) "self-esteem is closely associated with social identity" (p. 133).

Sometimes, particularly if the source is a web page, it may not be possible to include a page number. In this case, if there are paragraph numbers cite those instead. If no paragraph numbers are available, note the heading of the section and count the paragraphs to identify the paragraph number containing your quote:

"An emphasis on habit formation was probably the characteristic with which early behaviorism was most closely associated" (Wozniak, 1997, Areas of Emphasis section, para. 34).

If there are no sub-headings in the document, you can leave out the location information.

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