Plan ahead




‌Time can pass quickly, especially when your deadline is far away or you have other assignments to do (or its sunny outside). There's really only one solution - plan ahead!


Here are some suggestions to help you plan:


Imagine you have three weeks to complete an essay. If you don't want to do it all at the last minute, you should divide the process into a number of manageable stages.


  • Three weeks (21 days to go)
    Week one might be for reading and note taking.

  • Two weeks (14 days to go)
    Then you might set aside some time to plan. You might allocate another week for writing.

  • One week (7 days to go)
    Finish off the writing. Then leave some space at the end for a break before you come back and review it.

  • Due date (0 days to go)
    And relax!