Citing and anti-plagiarism plan

A citing and anti-plagiarism plan

It is very important that you reference and cite your work properly. If you do reference your work correctly you can help increase your marks and avoid being accused of plagiarism. Our section on referencing will show you how to reference your work correctly.

An anti-plagiarism plan

Use SQ3R to help you avoid plagiarising:

  • Survey: survey several sources. You may write an initial structure at this stage
  • Question: what do you need to know? what does your essay say?
  • Read: read your sources with your questions in mind (and note the references) 
    continue reading until you’ve found answers to all the questions you identified 
    highlight any direct quotations you may want to use
  • Recall: write the essay in your own words without consulting your sources 
  • Review: review your work, including checking for plagiarism

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