Qualitative research questions

Qualitative research questions

Research questions
  • Do the authors show the fittingness of the participants to represent the population by:
    • showing a wide representation of the population who have knowledge of the phenomenon
  • Randomisation would not be used in this approach
  • Types of sampling detailed in the research design page
  • How do all the above issues affect the transferability of the findings?
  • Small numbers are acceptable
Data collection

The authors need to explain in detail how they collected the data:

  • where it occurred and the influences this may have on the credibility of the data.
  • the influence of the researchers on the data gathered
  • how it was collected, the influences on the participants and the data. For example, taping, interpretation, and recall.
  • member checking of raw data, that is, was it taken back to the participants for verification.
  • How does all this affect the research?

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