After the presentation

Once the talk is over, the audience may still have some questions. When handling questions remember to:

  • Appear interested. Give your questioner your full attention and put them at ease if they appear nervous.
  • Summarise the question. Rephrasing the question not only gives you time to think, and confirms with the questioner that you have understood, but also ensures that the rest of the audience have heard it.
  • Answer the question asked. The temptation, if you don't know the answer, is to talk about something else. Try and stick to the topic and if you don't know, offer to take their details and find out for them.
  • Don't talk too long. The time for questions is always limited and there may be other questioners waiting for their turn. Try and keep your answers brief and to the point.
Ask yourself:
  • did I prepare?
  • was the content relevant?
  • did I use the time well?
  • did I explain clearly?
  • was the language appropriate?
  • did my non-verbal communication help or hinder?
  • how effective were my visual aids?
  • was the discussion time useful?
  • did the presentation achieve its aims and objectives?

Good luck!

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