Don't think that a poster presentation is the easy option! There are many things to consider, not just the content; but the layout and design of the poster itself. The guidance below is general, so you should also check your module handbook. If you need more help, then contact the Learning Development Centre within your school.


Remember that a poster is a visual presentation on your work, so as well as using text, you should include relevant graphs, charts, tables and images. You should select these carefully. The poster should not just be an enlarged copy of an abstract of your work, the viewer should be able to understand it without any extra explanation.

  • Use colours to attract attention (within reason!).
  • Use graphs or tables to give information.
  • Use pictures where suitable (remember to search for copyright cleared images available under Creative Commons license - the rules of plagiarism and copyright apply to images too!).
  • Focus on major findings.
  • Summarise implications and conclusions briefly, and in plain language.
  • For dissertations include major sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion.
  • Sections should be labelled in a clear order.

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