The rules

  • Remember others will read your comments. If you are not sure how your ideas and comments are being taken, ask for feedback. Because visual clues are often lacking in online communication, electronic messages may be perceived as harsher than intended. If you disagree with what someone has said, please bear this in mind as you express that disagreement. Fiery ranting at each other is not acceptable, with such postings removed from GCULearn. If you are offended by another, please do not place angry retorts on GCULearn, since this will be unpleasant for other group members.
  • Keep your messages short and succinct. Aim to express your thoughts concisely on GCULearn. Writing long messages has the same effect as “rambling” in a face-to-face discussion. Attempt to “listen” to others as well as expressing your own ideas. Remember, reading lengthy messages can be tedious for you and your group comrades. Lengthy postings are less likely to hold attention and provoke a response from your peers.
  • Derogatory or inappropriate comments are not acceptable. They are subject to the same disciplinary action that they would receive if they occurred elsewhere in the university.

Creative Commons Licence
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