Additional evidence

Additional evidence, pieces that show your skills as a communicator, a consultant, an engineer, or a designer. Think about:

  • Designs for everything from a coffee mug to a battlebot
  • A piece of software or a computer game that you have designed
  • A good Powerpoint presentation
  • Scanned copies of handwritten evaluations from a placement supervisor.

Thinking outside the box, you can show personal attributes as oral communication skills, reliability and aptitude for planning, creativity and innovation, level of community service, willingness to travel, quality of judgment, and even social responsibility. Some examples:

  • Videos of you giving a talk or participating in a debate
  • Tables that chart your module selection for each year of their course, listing the competencies you achieved.
  • Photos of you that demonstrate those more personal assets that may interest employers, captions to define how they have developed intercultural awareness (“Here I am in a village in France, chatting with locals about. . .”), or why they believe in volunteerism (“This Habitat for Humanity project helped three families . . .”)