eportfolios or electronic portfolios

eportfolios or electronic portfolios

What are they?

Many students are finding that online portfolios, or eportfolios, are the best way to showcase a wide range of their work. An eportfolio is a series of linked webpages (or a blog) uploaded and maintained by the student - pages that represent you both personally and professionally.

Most of the literature on eportfolios outlines a three step process: collect, select, and reflect.

  • collection involves gathering your evidence and beginning to publish it;
  • selection means picking the best pieces from your evidence;
  • reflection is your opportunity to ponder and explain the choices you made about your portfolio pieces and even your life choices.

As you publish your portfolio online, following some basic principles of design will help ensure that your work makes a splash. The result is an organized virtual space where you can showcase yourself to potential employers.