What is a student?

What is a student?

Imagine that you have been asked to draw a cartoon of the ideal GCU student. What would he or she look like? We tried it with a group of new students, and they suggested:

  • Focused (big eyes, glasses)
  • Considerate (thoughtful expression, big brain or head)
  • Organised, planned (carrying laptop or timetable)
  • Fit and healthy (carrying fruit, water, wearing trainers or sportswear)
  • Responsible (broad shoulders)
  • Punctual (wristwatch)
  • Caring (big heart)
  • Flexible (juggling, bendy limbs)
  • Polite (smiling)

Have a look at this video from the Learning Development Centre in the School of Health and Life Sciences. It will give you some things to think about.

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Could this be you? Are there other qualities that you think a good student should have? It may be worth taking some time to think about how you should look as a GCU student. One of they key qualities in our list is planning and organisation. The module on time management can help you cope - why not have a look?

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