Be realistic

Being aware - What broad activities take up your time?

It will be useful to develop an overview of all of your time commitments. You may like to make a list of all of your main activities. This should include your:

  • course commitments
  • spare time activities
  • work and family commitments
  • don't forget time for relaxing, shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping and so on

Consider all of your activities that take up time. Once you have an overview you will find it easier to move on to the next stages of prioritising your workload and drawing up work plans.

Being realistic - How can these activities be broken down into tasks?

Once you have listed all of your main activities, you might find it helpful to analyse each of them task by task. What will you need to do to fulfil all of your commitments?

More information on task Analysis:

If you produce a list of tasks involved in each of your activities you can assess how long each of them will take and allocate time accordingly.

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