Monitor the solution

Monitor the solution

Re-apply measurements to confirm that change has taken place.

  • Check to ensure that the changes do not negatively impact another area.
  • Provide sufficient information and training so that change can take place and be sustained.
  • Reflect on the problem solving process used. What would you have done differently?
Pitfalls and suggestions

The following are pitfalls for any problem solving situation along with suggestions for avoiding them.

  • Blaming others. Suggestion - Take responsibility. 
  • Identifying the incorrect problem. Suggestion - Restate the problem to expand solution possibilities.
  • Lack of specifics. Suggestion - Use observable behavioral outcomes.
  • Lack of inclusion. Suggestion - Seek input from all involved. Use open-ended questions.
  • Lack of facts. Suggestion - Ask "what" not "why".

This is the end of the section on problem solving. We hope it has helped you identify and use some effective methodologies.