Alternate options 2

Generate alternate options 2

Which type of strategy would most likely generate a solution to this problem?

The Jones' would like to build a new house. They have accumulated the materials and have the land. They also have the experience and capabilities needed. However they lack time to get the job done. 

  • In this case the best approach is fractionalisation. Since time is restricted, breaking the house building project down into smaller, manageable chunks will be a good strategy
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Two friends are lost in the woods and have no navigation tools and no knowledge of the terrain. They are only certain that one direction will take them further into a mountainous terrain and the way out is near an open plain. They need to find out more information about where they are and which direction to proceed.

  • In this case the best approach is proximity. If the friends proceed in one direction for a short distance they can note the changes in the terrain and either continue on that path or choose another that takes them closer to their goal.