Career management 

Jayne has clearly gained a number of skills. Read the extract below to see what experience she now has in some specific learning and development objectives. Remember the six categories; Academic and Learning, People Skills, Organisational and Awareness Skills, Career Management, Work Culture and Personal Impact.

Diary date: 4.7.2014

I have gained a variety of skills working within Warburtons. The most evident being the strengthening of my communication skills. Within the commercial environment there are 60 plus employees from students to directors working in one large office where everyone is made to feel equal. I have learned who to communicate certain issues to and how to approach different people to gain the most benefit. I feel confident to communicate matters on all levels and to achieve a significant outcome. I have understood the importance of building points of contact. This has been very easy in Warburtons with its unique culture and friendly environment.

Working within a team has many benefits and is a crucial factor in most companies, especially within Warburtons and my role. I have become a solid support for the Warburtons Business Development teams and with this have learned to provide accurate and consistent work withn a time restraint. I have positively contributed to their current reporting systems and helped to maintain this over the past twelve months with much research and development.

Many people have become reliant on me and I have become dependent on many people, which is why I value the importance of effective teamwork.

My role has a large numerical foundation, dealing with figures daily to produce reports used by the commercial team and beyond. My knowledge and understanding of company targets and budgets has increased significantly, making me feel more confident to confront numbers in the working world. This has also helped to develop my IT skills and feel positive and competent to work on a range of programmes. With all the reports I produce, I have acquired a keen eye for perfection and a sharper response to detect errors. another key learning taken from my placement is the importance of prioritising. On my return to university, this will help me to be more organised and efficient when completing work.

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