Reflection and further action

Reflection and further action

In this extract, Jayne reflects upon what she has gained from the placement in terms of her skills and knowledge.

Date: 12.7.2014

I feel more confident to communicate issues to individuals on all levels within a business. A key learning at Warburtons is the value of teamwork and the benefits to be gained from a well-rounded and respectful team. I feel I have formed strong, reliable relationships and have gained the confidence to continue to do this within any working environment I encounter.

The main advantage of my placement is being able to substitute business theory into real practice. A placement provides you with a unique experience. I have optimised my learning relating to course content, developing personal and interpersonal skills, whilst learning professional expectations and behaviour.

I have gained a rewarding, productive and positive industrial placement year, developing additional knowledge and skills to complete my final year at university and prepare me for my future career. I will use this experience as a basis for directing and focusing career plans and will have that competitive edge of relevant experience and skills when entering the job market.

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