Jayne's work experience diary

Jayne's work experience diary

Jane is a B.A. Business Studies student on placement in the third year of her course. She is working at Warburton's where her role involves working closely with their Business Development team and the National Accounts department. Working in Business Development, she works with the team who sell the brand by regularly visiting business customers and building excellent working relationships. In National Accounts, she works closely with staff who manage the accounts at head office level to achieve growth, sales targets and manage customer expectations.

Summary of activities 

Read the extract below where Jayne describes some of the things she has been doing on her placement:

Date: 31.06.2014

Continued with my weekly and monthly tasks. Each Monday morning, I dedicate to checking retail process and promotions in the market across all accounts. Today I have also produced an order fulfilment data sheet to share with the whole team. It is essential I check all the numbers thoroughly to see how successfully we have fulfilled orders. This is passed on to my commercial colleagues, including Marketing and Category marketing, PR, Business Information and National Accounts.

Each team works together to supply market share data, brand awareness, innovative new product ideas and customer satisfaction. Every day I act as support for the business development teams. I help them complete their reports, solve queries or respond to concerns. I create the templates for the Business Development reports and monitor them to ensure all have been completed on time and with enough detail.

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