Vital information and induction checklist

Name of Company or Organisation:

Name of superviser or person responsible for me:

University contact details I will need (such as placements officer, course tutor):


Address of company or organisation and how I will travel there:


Dates of placement:

On Day 1__________________ (date)  I should report to_____________________________(who) at________(time)

Hours to be worked:

Health and Safety (Procedure in event of fire or emergency including location of alarms, fire extinguishers and exits; how to get first aid; responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act; any restrictions or precautions concerning your duties (such as Manual Handling and Lifting regulations):    


Rules and professional standards (absence procedure, appropriate dress/uniform, customer care procedures - for example, how to greet customers, ‘script’ for answering the ‘phone):


Insurance (Types of insurance relevant to you and your work experience. Seek clarification that you are adequately covered):


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