Getting what you want

Getting what you want out of work experience


Now that you have thought about what you want to get out of work experience, it is time to discuss this with your employer. Arrange a meeting, print out the checklists below and negotiate what you need to know to be up and running from day one!

Some of the issues covered by the questions below might be better covered in an induction programme in the first few days of your placement. Induction programmes are crucial if you are going to carry out your work effectively and safely, so check what will be provided for you. Work experience vital information and induction checklist.


  • Do I now have all the information I need to begin on day one?
  • What do I still need to find out that will be covered in an induction programme?
  • Reflect on how you are feeling about starting your placement.

Completing this form covers the practical issues. You also need to use this meeting to negotiate what you want to learn on your placement.

Talk now, avoid disappointment later! 

Establishing aims and objectives that both you and the organisation feel are relevant and realistic mean that both of you will feel satisfied with the placement. This meeting is also the opportunity for you to explain what skills, knowledge and previous experience you have to offer the employer or organisation.

Achieving my learning objectives. Print out this list and take it to the meeting along with the learning and development objectives which you have noted down.

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