Evaluating what you have achieved

Evaluating what you have achieved

During your placement and certainly when you have completed it, it will be important to capture and record the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained as this will be crucial to the job application process - evidence on your CV, information to answer questions on application forms and real life experience to talk about at interviews. So…don’t let it pass by in a blur - keep a record of what you have done and what you have achieved.

Work experience diary

If work experience is part of your course, you will need to agree with your tutor what format your diary will take and how often you should complete it. If there is some flexibility, suggestions are that for a year long placement, you record and reflect upon key events or complete your diary on a monthly basis. For shorter placements, you could write up the diary each day. 

Skills gained 

I was able to… Look at each of the categories on your learning and development objectives sheet:

  • Academic and learning
  • People skills
  • Organisational awareness and skills
  • Career management
  • Work culture
  • Personal impact

In the day, month or event you are recording, which elements from each of these have you covered? 

Reflection and further action 

I feel more confident to… Analyse what you did and what you feel that you gained. What was good and bad, what were your reactions and feelings? What action could you take to build on these experiences?

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