Aims: work culture

Work culture

Maximising your understanding of how organisations work and the relative benefits of different work cultures. Here are some examples:

  • Understand the way the organisation works, for example, how decisions are made
  • Make the most of the experience (you might not get another chance!)
  • Take precautions! think about health and insurance
  • Learn how to fit in, you could develop an appropriate sense of humour
  • Try something new - take risks or embark on a new venture
  • Be sensitive to cultural differences in the work place
  • Stay positive, have a good time and enjoy yourself
  • Develop a professional approach - accountable, disciplined, responsible and punctual
  • Be prepared to volunteer, get involved in other projects and opportunities.=
  • Learn how to manage the boss
  • Gain a sense of the politics - note who holds the power
  • Learn to make sound judgements about work and colleagues

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